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Hire a GPT+ marketer that helps busy entrepreneurs to run effective landing pages and digital ads. AdMill is designed to leverage GPT4, Dall-e, and other generative AI models to provide top-tier marketing services while maintaining low-tier costs.
AdMill Generative Marketing Assistant
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AdMill enables everyone to get full marketing funnels in 3 clicks and 3 fields to fill in. Designed for small and medium businesses AdMIll system utilizes new AI models to create and manage automatic lead generation campaigns. Schedule a call if you would like to learn more.

Who Is It For?

AdMill Platform is a powerful search engine advertising service for small businesses, solo marketers, and agencies. Schedule a quick call if you want to learn how we can help.
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    Small Businesess
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    Solo Marketers
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    Small Agencies


  • Google Ads

    • Campaign structure
    • Keywords
    • Ad copy
    • Ongoing optimization
  • Landing Pages

    • Optimized design
    • Coding and hosting
    • SEO optimized copy
    • Ongoing optimization
  • Conversion Tracking

    • Tag Manager integration
    • Ad campaign linkage
    • Auto call tracking

Right Pricing for Every Stage

Choose a plan for your business. Landing pages are an essential part of any search engine campaign, so it is advisable to create them for each campaign or ad group.

    Access via ChatGPT
    • One-time $50 payment per webpage
    • Up to 100 webpages

    ChatGPT + Web App
    • 1% commission on ad spend $1000 and more
    • Up to 100 webpages
    • Unlimited Google Ads
    • Conversion tracking

    Human via online chat
    /15 minutes

Previously We Have Built Marketing Solutions for Some Greatest Companies

  • Ford
  • Martini logo
  • Lays logo
  • Samsung logo 2015 nobg
  • Land rover

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